Solar heating pays off

Solar heating makes you independent

Solar heating adds value

Solar heating is clean

Solar heating gets you state funding


Danke, Sonne – für den Erfolg einer Idee, deren Zeit gekommen ist. When Riposol first started its pioneering work back in 1993, some people were somewhat bemused, others decided to wait and see whether this new trend would really prove successful. Today, more than 160,000 Austrian households have a solar system, and 12,000 additional systems are being installed every year. That's one thousand a month. That's thirty a day. Many of them are made by Riposol.

Solar systems are now standard for new buildings, and even installing a system in an existing building is worth the effort, because it adds value to your home.


An idea whose time has come – thanks to the sun!



It’s a wonderful world – let’s start to respect it!
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